Proven Process



Pictures, videos, flyers, logos, 'about us'. mission and vision statements, menu items, etc.

Payment, Design & Development

You will pay for the package you have choosen and an invoice will be sent to you by email and WhatsApp.

Testing and Launching

When all testings have been completed. YOUR WEBSITE WILL BE LAUNCHED TO THE WHOLE WORLD!

Launch and Beyond

NO! it doesnt stop there. Your website needs people, it also needs to fetch your business more customers

What Clients Say

What our awesome clients are saying! These give us joy and the general satisfaction to continue every single day.
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some FAQ’s

Frequality Asked Questions

  • Do you do the design and the execution yourselves?
    YES! We have a team of 7 developers (online & offline), who avail themselves 24/7 when needed.
  • Why so cheap?
    Our web hosting company has given us free slots to host up to 2450 websites for this promo period. However, once their offer ends this week, we will also end our promo.
  • Will the cheap sites be secured?
    Our security partners have already issued standard SSL certificates for each domain we will purchase for all our clients. SSL makes websites secure and trusted.
  • At what stage will the designing work start?
    Immediately after you make the payment. All websites will take 14hours to develop and launch
  • Will I have to pay a huge amount to be maintaining this cheap site?
    NO! Its free. As a matter of fact, this "cheap" website will last you for three (3) years before you will have to renew it or pay for anything of sort. P.S. You may have to pay for the domain only which will cost you about $20 at the end of the 3-year period.
  • Aside this current promo, can i have a special deal for my unique website needs?
    Sure you can!! There is every chance some clients would demand normal charges and a more unique site.
  • But, why is it free?
    This promo is aimed at helping entrepreneurs and business owners to promote their products and services Online. We wish to host more than 10,000 websites; thereby helping as many businesses in Africa as we can to get indexed on the Internet. Besides, if the "next big thing" comes from one of our clients, we are sure that's a huge gain for all of us here at Nate Online, don't you think?


And you get;

  • 1. Clean and Professional Design
  • 2. Free Regular Updates
  • 3. Video and Photo Gallery
  • 4. 24/7 Support via Whatsapp
  • 5. Unlimited Pages Included
  • 6. Online Shop Included


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